Making bath mitt

I am making a bath mitt . I am very new to knitting other than garter or stovkinette stich where can i see what Sl1 means and how to do it

Hi nanahow,
Sl1 means to slip one…most of the time it means to do so purl wise unless it’s stated otherwise in your pattern. All you do is stick your working needle into the next stitch as if you were going to purl…but then slip it off the holding needle and onto the working needle…this is sometimes used to give you a nicer looking edge and can make seaming easier too…it is also used in decreases…:thumbsup:

thank you

it also tells me to cast on 1 st, K14 , turn lv. remaining stitches unworked. what do i do with them while i am knitting the do i put them on a knitting holder,

The pattern you are working on does it have a link? You shouldn’t have to place them on a holder unless the pattern states that…you will just work over the amount of sts and ignore the others …:happydance: