Making bamboo needles slipperier <is that a word?>

hello! :slight_smile:

i saw a knit bit on knitty gritty where she rubbed bamboo needles with wax paper to increase their slip. i just went to the store to get some and walked out without it and these bamboo dpns are driving me nuts at the moment, and so i was wondering if anyone knew of any alternatives to the wax paper.

thanks bunches!!!

How about a candle?

Ingrid, you are so prompt! So you think just like rub them against a candle? I think that’s quite a clever idea!

Well, candles are wax, and they work great for zippers as does waxed paper. I’d rub the candle on the needle and then rub it in with a cloth.

well this worked magically!!! thanks so much, ingrid!!! :slight_smile:

p.s. what does wax do for zippers?

Same thing it does for needles that stick–makes them slipperier. :wink:

Works for kids outdoor slides, too.

I tried the wax paper and it did seem to help although I had to use it several times during the project.

If you sew or quilt, beeswax would be a good option as well.