Making armholes

I’m knitting away at my first sweater…and I was wondering…
I knit the back first and then it says to ‘shape armholes’.

Well, it says bind off 6 sts at the beg of next 2 rows - then work even until armhole measures 8 in.

SO what about the other arm hole? I mean, if this is the whole back shouldn’t I be making the other arm hole and be binding off at the [B]end[/B] of the rows also to be shaping the other armhole?

The instructions say that for the front I should: ‘work same as back until armholes measure 8 in…’

I hope this is clear and I want to THANK anybody for ANY information regarding this. Like I said, this is my first sweater and everything is going swell until I started to wonder about that.


You can’t bind off at the end of the row, so you bind off at the beginning of the next two rows–that will have you bind off at both sides of the back. Yes, the bind offs are on different rows, but it doesn’t matter. All sweaters are like this.

:shifty: I hope nobody else see’s my post…Thank you. I feel so stupendo. I totally forgot that the beginning of the second row would be at the other end.

I think I need another cup of coffee…(one of [I]those[/I] days).

Next time I’ll just keep knitting and stop ‘wondering’.

Thank you very much,

I can’t possibly tell you how many times that same question has been asked–believe me, you’re not alone!:hug:

Yep, it’s frequently overlooked, along with the instructions to dec at both ends. Has a lot of people thinking they’d be dec on one side and not the other until it’s pointed out to them… ;D