Making an eylet while knitting

I am making a purse for my granddaughter and it has directions for making an eyelet to put the cord through, I do not understand the directions, can someone clarify for me. :slight_smile:

I’d like to try to clarify, but what do the [color=red]directions [/color]tell you to do? :wink: In general, I think that an eyelet is made with a YO. :?

Welcome hannsgram!

If the pattern doesn’t say, just do what ekgheiy says. YO, followed by k2tog will work. (YO will make the eyelet, but it’s also an increase, so you follow with a decrease to keep the stitch number the same).


My instructions say: eyelets: K7, yf (bring yarn between needles to front of work), sl1, yb (Take yarn between needes to back of work), sl1, pass first sl st over 2nd sl st, sl1, pass 2nd sl over 3rd st, place rem st back on LH ndl, wrap yarn over RH ndl, pass last st on RH ndl over and pull snug, make 2 twisted loops on RH ndl, rep * around*

Those instructions are complex, but well written. Where are you confused exactly? The “twisted loops” sound like backward loop cast-on, or M1T or M1A, as shown on the increase page.