Making an afghan how much yarn

Making an afgan for college student to throw over his bed. And making the pattern up as I go. Looking at aprox. 40"x60".
Using a size 8 needle with worsted weight yarn.
I will have a logo in the center which will be 20"x20". Not including yarn for the logo, how much yarn would I need to buy. Want to purchase the same dye lot at one time.

Oh boy…that’s a tough call. It depends on the weight, needle size, how tightly you knit, the pattern. :shrug: All I can suggest is to look at afghan patterns and see if you can find one that is appx the size you want and go from there.

Agree with Jan.

A trickier option is to take some worsted yarn (similar to what you plan to use) and your sz 8 ndls, work up a swatch. Weigh it, frog it and measure it, and then multiply those figs out to the size you plan to make. (For ex: if 4"x4" sq used 3 yds of yarn and weighed .5 oz, refig what 40"x60" would come out to using basic algebraic formula. It can be done.)