Making a waist band

Hi guys - my pattern tells me after knitting stockinette 1 1/2 inches ( in the round ) to fold cast on edge to inside of work, and knit one lop from cast on edge with one stitch on needle making a casing for elastic - how the heck do I do this ? I tried using a crochet hook to pick up the loop and this worked for a bit but then started to twist.

I am making the baby bottoms from knitting pure and simple.

Thanks for any help as I have to get these done by Jan 20th


boy – when I did mine I seamed my elastic casing later, after binding off. Not sure, sorry!

Do you have another circ, perhaps smaller, that you could use to pick up the stitches (along the lines of how a lifeline is done except you’d be picking up the actual st)? Then you could work one st from your current ndl and one from the one with the pu’s. Even if you don’t have another circ, you could pick up a good number of the sts on a dpn, work those and then pick up another group. Usually when I do double hems, which utilize the same concept, it’s done with both ‘working’ edges on diff ndls.


ahhhhh thank you I will try that this morning - could not sleep last night thinking this over :slight_smile:

I saw this in a knit mag just tonight, had to get home to tell you!! You have your live stitches on your left needle like normal. Then you bring your cast on edge behind the needle (so on the far side of your needle). Put the left needle tip into the first cast on stitch(in the front of the cast on stitch, left to right), then put the right needle into the cast on stitch knit wise and knit it, pull both the cast on stitch and the “live” stitch off together!

I sure hope that makes sense!

Thank you Bethany - what was the name of the magazine? sounds easy enough :slight_smile: I did finish the little band sort of did it my way on the line of what cam suggested, I picked up the stitches with a blunt needle to a scrap yarn and then knit them together with the working stitches. It came out fine and I am almost to the split for the leg - yipee they will be done for my daughter-in-law’s baby shower next Sunday :woot:

and I got my ravelry invite today so :woohoo:

Looks really good!

Enjoy the Rav experience!


oh nice job! It looks great. yay baby shower and Ravelry, and I sent you a private message (look under your log-in name in the uppermost right corner) :slight_smile: