Making a two colored scarf

Is it difficult to make a two colored scarf like a Harry Potter one?
How would you even do that? Is there a video that shows how to change colors like that?

I made a Gryffindor scarf using this pattern:

You knit it on a circular needle (or you could use double points if you want), so it makes a tube that you then sew up each end on. I liked it because when you knit in the round, you don’t have to do purl stitches, and the color changes look really nice.

Also, here’s a handy video that shows how to change colors in general:

I’m doing a two colored scarf myself right now. What I do is, when you get to where you start with the second color, just start knitting with the second color. Leave a tail that’s a few inches long. I also just leave the first color yarn on there. When I get done with the second color section, I cut the first color yarn so there’s a good few inches for a tail. Then I take my yarn needle and weave in the ends, when to me is just like sewing it in. Also, when you’re changing colors, make sure you change on the same side. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

its not hard but you have to be careful the yarn is on the right side so it matches and you don;t get that line on the wrong side. What helps me is to switch colors when the tail is on the same side everytime.