Making a tension gauge

I’m starting a cape sweater with the right front. I’ve cast on & done 2 rows in stocking stitch. Just need to know if the rib is included in the gauge measurement? Thanks.

The pattern should tell you what they want you to do for the gauge swatch. If it doesn’t say I’d use only stocking stitch. Swatches are usually 4"x4" in stockinette.

Thanks so much for your response Jan. What first confused me was the pattern saying under tension: “working a combination of stocking stitch & pattern stitch” without specifying which “pattern” stitch. That’s why I wondered if I should include the rib while measuring the gauge. Tension 10 sts & 14 rows to a 10 cm square.
Stitches used are stocking, garter, k2, p2 rib & cable (later)
Also, I’m now ready for a RS row when I should be ready for a WS row…

Oh that is confusing… Well, it sounds like you’ve already started anyway. Some patterns have you count the cast on as the first row although most don’t. So if it doesn’t matter I’d probably just add another row. Can you link to the pattern though so we can make sure if possible?

I bought the pattern (Katia) & wool from England-all I can bring up online is the picture & order page

Hi again Jan. At this point, I think I’ll just go ahead & add another row so I will end up on the WS to start my increase, as directed in the pattern. I think I’ve ended up here because I didn’t count the cast on as the first row, as many people said not to (when I researched it). Can’t see 1 additional row making a difference on this type of garment. And, since I used to be a pretty even knitter, I’ll just sort out the tension as I go–it’s not a really fitted thing (also has just a draped type of sleeve). Thank you, Jan, for your friendliness & willingness to help.

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