Making a swallowtail bigger

i’m making a swallowtail shawl, and trying to make it bigger. i’ve run into some math issues. i decided to increase at the lily of the valley borders instead of at the budding lace, so after going through both borders once, i repeated lily of the valley border 1. now i’m trying to go onto the peaked edging, and i have two extra stitches on each side. i’m afraid i might not have enough yarn to do the lily of the valley border 2 again, and besides, i’m not sure i’d like it to have THAT much edging. i like the idea of three repeats, but four seems a bit much to me. does anyone have any suggestions as to where i should remove those extra stitches (toward the middle? toward the edges?), or maybe if i screwed up somewhere else and shouldn’t have them? i tried to do the math but it just made my brain hurt. has anyone enlarged their shawl this way before and run into this same problem?
thanks in advance!