Making a sleeveless sweater

Shape armholes. The pattern is: Lace Hem Topping. I am at Shape Armholes. I did the first row. Now it is the purl side do I just do purl or do I bind off like I did the previous row? I am confused.
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Lace Hem Topping

I’m not sure what you mean when you say you did the first row. You have instructions for binding off at each end of two rows. After that you will continue working in stockinette so if it would be a purl row, then you will purl.

I do that for 2 rows?

The first row would have been a knit row then the next would have been a purl

Is that right

So the second row of binding off is purl?

I am still learning how to read these kind of patterns. It says to bind off … twice. Does that mean on one side or a combination of both sides. Does that make sense? I did all that bindind off on one side and finished the row. Now do I go to the next row and do it again but purlwise?

When it says bind off … sts twice I guess that is where I am confused because I did it twice in the same place

I’ve never done a pieced garment so I’ll defer to others. @salmonmac

I just reread the pattern snippet I posted and realized I read it wrong. I don’t know what it means. We do indeed need salmonmac.[quote=“Jan_in_CA, post:9, topic:123564, full:true”]
I’ve never done a pieced garment so I’ll defer to others. @salmonmac

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No wonder you were confused. The directions sound like a single armhole but are actually meant to be for both armholes.
For the smallest size, bind off 3sts at the beginning of the knit row, knit to the end, turn bind off 3sts at the beginning of the purl row. Purl to the end of row.
The same pattern holds for the following rows: bind off at the beg of the knit row, bind off at the beg of the purl row for each bind off instruction.
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You saw the link to the errata? You have probably already knit this section but here it is anyway.

So I am going to do a total of 8 rows of bind off? Correct?

Yes, that’s correct. Four bind off rows on each side for a total of eight.

I need to stop looking at this and reading into it so I’m going to knit and bind off five knit across the Row turn bind off five while purling the next row I’m going to bind off three knitting turn bind off three again while purling then the next row bind off to knitting turn bind off tagain purland so on correct?
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For the 3rd size then, yes, bind off 5 on the knit side, 5 on the purl side, 3 on the knit side; 3 on the purl side; 2 on the knit side, 2 on the purl side; 1 on the knit side, 1 on the purl side.
It makes sense that you want to two sides to be the same, so you have symmetrical decreases.

I am shaping the shoulders and have never heard of this before: it says K18; join 2nd ball of yarn (?), bind off center 36 sts, knit to end

Working both sides st once with separate balls, bind off at each armhole edge 6 sts once, 6 sts once, then bind off 6 sts.
Thank you for all your help in learning this

You sometimes see directions like these for finishing the shoulders. Follow the steps to knit both sides at the same time. You can use the other end of your ball of yarn or the beginning of a new ball of yarn for the second shoulder. Either way, you use 2 working strand of yarn, one for each side.

Bind off at the armhole edges on each side. One bind off will be on a RS (right side) row and the second bind off will be on a WS (wrong side) row. Then repeat once more and finally, bind off the last 6sts on each side.

So I start with knitting 18 then bo 36 or does the first paragraph summarize what I’m going to do?

The first paragraph is the directions to follow next. Start with K18; join 2nd strand of working yarn, bind off the next 36 sts, knit to end.
After completing these instructions you’ll have 2 areas of sts on the needle separated by a gap of 36sts for the neck. Purl back across the shoulder, drop the yarn strand, pick up the other yarn strand and purl across that shoulder. Now you’re on a knit side again at the armhole edge. Bind off 6sts for the shoulder, work across to the gap, drop the yarn, pick up the other strand and work across to the 2nd armhole edge. At the end of this row, turn and bind off 6sts then work across both shoulders again. Repeat the above.
You’ll have 6sts left at each shoulder. Bind off those 6sts, first bind off on a knit row, then bind off on a purl row. That’s it!