Making a Single Increase

I started this thread yesterday but it seems to have been deleted, so I’ll try again. I am working on a dog sweater, I am doing the K2P1 ribbing for the neck. On the last row of ribbing I am supposed to “increase 2 (2-2-1-5) st(s) evenly across last row”. The size I am doing is the one that requires increasing by 1 st. I am quite new to knitting so although it seems simple I do have a couple of questions. First, where should I do the increase, at the edge of the row (beginning or end) or right in the middle? Second, what is the best method for making an increase?

Welcome to KH!
You can probably make the increase anywhere but I’d use the center portion of the piece. A M1 or your favorite increase will work here.
Sorry about the deletion. I’m not sure why that happened.

We have been inundated with spam so once in a great while someone gets caught in it. We usually ban them though not delete so I’m not sure. Glad you’re still here!

Thank you! I went ahead and made it in the middle of the row, so we’ll see how it turns out.

I was banned actually, but I emailed the a moderator and got to come back. My thread went bye-bye though.

Yup, definitely got caught up in the spammer storm. Thanks for persisting and good luck with the rest of the dog sweater!