Making a sampler?

dear knitters,

i recently saw a WIP on this site of a beautiful sampler afghan, which gave me an Idea. i’d like to try to make one of my own, but use a bunch of stitch patterns of my choice. this means that i’d be knitting without a pattern, which often indicates impending disaster in my world.

i haven’t really thought the whole idea through yet, but i’m thinking about making twelve or sixteen blocks of different patterns (and maybe two or three colors). i’ve got a book of different stitch patterns and many of them say things like, “multiple of five” or “multiple of 4+2.” if i want the blocks to all be the same size, do i need to pick stitch patterns that will end up with the same number of stitches on each square or do i just need to make sure that they measure the same? (does that make sense?)

any thoughts?

best friday night knitting to all,

This thread contains the pic of a sampler afghan I did using misc st patts. Just selected ones I liked from various st dict. I also used various weight yarns so had to factor that in. I worked all sqs on one sz ndl, did a swatch of each st patt to ensure they’d measured up the same (6"). (Some patts got eliminated that way.) Some st patts may meet your required width but the row repeat may be too long/short to match your length so those can’t be used.

No two sqs in my sampler are the same…all have diff st and row counts. I went strictly for matching size (and then blocked them to accommodate any small variations).