Making a potato chip scarf - having issues

I decided to try a potato chip scarf. Seemed “easy” enough. Now my new nifty circular needles are absolutely stuffed with stitches and I can’t figure out how I’m going to do the last two rows. I have one more increase row left. Anyone have any tips? Or should I just finish it a couple rows skinny?

thanks in advance!

If you have another circular the same size, you can use both of them to make it across the row. Or you need a longer one.

I have that pattern too, here at home, and I can NOT figure out what in the world they’re talking about.
I’m beginning to think those patterns are fake.
She hates her P.C. scarf:
I hate my Potato Chip scarf (intestine scarf). I hate it hate it hate it. It is too small. I have nothing that I could wear this with. I don’t even know why I made the stupid thing.

Look here, though:

Look at this one,(scroll down)

looks like potato chip throw up:

She calls hers a demon scarf!!

frogged TWO hours of knitting on hers!

I don’t like the patterns from KNit PIcks, for the most part.

Suzeeq - How would I go about doing this? As it happens I do have needles that are the same size. I guess I just sort of string them along into each other?

photolady - wow! That’s some powerful hatred of the potato chip scarf! I can see why, though… working on this that is. I didn’t spend a lot on yarn so I don’t mind. And it’s just practice for me. I’m so new to this I’m not expecting a masterpiece and I probably have the wrong type of yarn. But I will check out these links you sent and maybe they will have some helpful advice. Thanks.

Wow, that is some strong feelings for the scarf!

If you have two circs the same size, I would put a point protector on one end of each, then you’re knitting with VERRRRY long “straights” that are just floppy.

and, fwiw, I made my first chip scarf out of a thick and thin fun yarn, and it was wayyyy too long so I only got through 3 increases - but my dd loves it! My next one was all in wool and blends - 2 solid colors, cast off with a self-striping, and my sister LOVES it! :slight_smile:

WildMountainHoney - Thanks fo rthe advice on the yarn and information on your experiences with this pattern. I’m only working with regular worsted weight yarn right now. The cheapy stuff. I figured I’d see if I could handle this pattern and then go get some more appropriate yarn and try again. Right now, unless I expand like you suggested, i don’t think i could do a third increase. But I’ll see what I can do. :slight_smile: Thanks!

I don’t hate the scarf, I wish I could do it. I posted all that, in hopes of helping her, letting her know others commiserate with her, if she is feeling frustrated.
I wasn’t mad.

`looks like potato chip throw up:

I did not call my own creation ‘potato chip throw up’. I was actually quite pleased with it. I don’t cast on the full amount of stitches, i only do half or 3/4 and the scarf is plenty long. and you have to knit lose. i knit tight and the first attempt was a bit of a wrestling match.

I did this pattern more than once but here`s a good pic