Making a pattern larger

I recently purchased a pattern, then realized that It actually will turn out too small for me. The XL size is for a 42 inch waist and is 65 stitches. I actually have about a 50 inch waist and I don’t know how many stitches to use.

I am becoming more experienced as a knitter and this is the first clothing type thing I am actually making for myself, except for a scarf!

Is there any way to continue to use this pattern but make it larger so it will fit me?

1989 sweater from Knitpicks- These are the beginning instructions
Sizes Small (Med, Lg, XL): Fits waist up to 30” (34”, 38”, 42”)
CO 59 (61, 63, 65) using smaller needles.
Thanks for your input

By the way, I have been a frequent visitor to this site and I do not like the changes, my user name and password were not accepted either- So I had to start all over again!

Sorry you’re not happy with the changes. It was badly needed though. Spam was horrible and the old site couldn’t be updated anymore. It took awhile to get used to it, but I like it a lot now. As for your name…Mine is the same I just had to have the underscore in it. New password of course, but that happens everywhere.

Okay, I found the pattern- If this isn’t it let us know and post a link.

It looks like a pretty loose sweater to begin with. I’m assuming you need it wider at the waist then? It says it’s knit from side to side so that means the cast on goes from shoulder to waist. I’d say just knit a little further on both sides of the center design, but that would also make the neck and and shoulders wider which might be a problem. Possibly some short rows at the waist area? Hmm… Let me think.

If you want to change the pattern for a larger size waist. Note that the number of stitches from size to the next is only two stitches. Therefore you would add an additional 8 stitches to your cast on row. I am assuming that the larger waist increase would go along with a bigger size bust. The integrity of the sweater would change in design with the increase of stitches and the bust would be bigger. Even though the sweater is loose looking in fit you want the bust to be increased along with the waist as well.