Making a loop

Please help! I cannot figure out the instructions for making a loop in a baby jacket with hood pattern. The stitch creates a shag rug effect but in large loops. This is an old pattern from the UK - Lister-Lee Knitting Wools and Yarns, Yorkshire. It does not say how many loops per stitch you should end up with either.

The instructions are:
Make a loop by placing right hand needle point through next st. as if to knit, bring right hand needle point over top of left hand needle point. Place first finger of left hand under needles* then take yarn over right hand and left hand needles round finger back to position for knitting repeat from * once more, then take the yarn over right hand needle point only. With right hand needle draw yarn back through loops, make a loop on right hand needle, slip this loop back onto left hand needle insert right hand needle through all the loops on left hand needle and knit.

Any help much appreciated if you can make this wording any clearer.

There is a video for loop st under the advanced techniques tab aboveā€¦ I hope that helps!

loop stitch for English knitters

loop stitch for Continental knitters