Making a hat: stuck on Moss stitch (English knitting)

I’m making a hat, fairly easy as I’m a beginner, but I’m stuck at the instructions. I should say it’s a slouchy beret. It says,

Work moss stitch for a.5 inch (done)
Increase one stich every 5 stitches (done)
change needles to 12mm and work in moss stich for 4.5 inches (STUCK)

I’ve been okay until i get to that extra stitch - what do I do with it? do I let it go? or knit it as a knit stitch, or a purl?

Please, any advice would be grateful.

At this point, I’d consider this row as a new beginning and work in moss stitch. It won’t line up exactly with the first edge, but it’ll be ok since you’re working on the larger part of the hat and the increase row will be the transition.