Making a chart?

May I ask what program you used to make your chart? I’ve been playing with making my own fairisle patterns and can’t figure out the best software to use to make charts on the computer.

A lot of people use this one.

I’m so glad you asked because I’ve been wondering the same thing.
I just went on there…they say you have to upload a photo. What photo are you supposed to upload?

I just found a website that is better, for me, I dont know if it is something you can use. It makes a graph paper pdf. You just type in the rows you need and the amount of stitches and it will make the grid paper for you.

Knit Pro doesn’t work perfectly. I find I’ve had to do some fudging with pencil to clear things up.

One thing I have done and love is to print graph paper, then reinsert it into the computer and print my picture on top of that.

You can also print transparencies with a graph and lay it over your photo.