Making a bobble

I have been sticking to pretty easy projects with really basic stitches because I’m still pretty new at this. But the one I am working on now has bobbles in the pattern. I checked out the video on bobbles here and it helped a lot. Now I have the basic idea of what I need to do anyway because the pattern was looking like gibberish :slight_smile: . Anyway, the very beginning of the bobble part has me really confused. It says “[purl in front and back of the st]twice, then purl in front again”. From there I get it, but how in the world do you purl in back of a stitch? Whouln’t that be a knit stitch, or am I thinking about it all wrong? Nevermind, I’m sure I am, LOL.
Thanks for any help!

Anybody? Otherwise, my DD will be forced to wear leg warmers with no bobbles! :teehee: Sorry for the impatience, we’re on Christmas break still and I have time on my hands. :wink:

Hey Kristi, if this is you (and I think it is) I replied to your post about it on Diaper Jungle. But, I’ll copy / paste it here for you too…maybe someone else has more insight.

When you purl into the back of the stitch, insert the needle from the back to the front, through the part of the yarn that lies towards the back of your work. If that makes any sense…

Hmmm, think of it as an upside down U. You have the leg of the U that’s closest to you, then the leg that’s furthest away. That’s the back of the stitch that you’ll be knitting (or purling) into. When you insert the needle into the back of a purl stitch, it’s almost like you’re twisting the stitch on your needle in order to get it into proper purling position.

I’m doing a baby snuggle right now and made a mistake on the first stitch of purl row, realized it with 5 stitches left to go, and tinked all the way back to the beginning of the row to fix it. After realizing that when I put all the stitches back on my needle, they were all twisted…I had to purl the entire row through the back loop.

Yep, it’s me! I thought I recognized your username. Boy, this online world is smaller than you would think isn’t it?

Thank you so much for explaining that, I’m going to try it again. I looked in all my books and magazines and couldn’t find anything about purling in the back. Much appreciate it (I’m still trying to figure out how to use the ‘thanks’ system here or I would have done that :aww: ).

How frustrating about your baby snuggly! See, I’ve had to tink before for sure, but I never knew that you could twist the loops back on the wrong way. My first day and I’m already learning more than I came in for! I think I’m going to like it here.

Yep this place is great! I picked up knitting again about 2 months ago and have been flying along with all the things I’ve learned. I knew I could twist knit stitches, but didn’t know the same could happen to purl. And until I came here, I didn’t know I could just knit or purl it through the back loop to fix the twisted stitch.

It worked! After I looked at it, the way you described it makes perfect sense. Thanks again!