Making a bobble stitch

I’m confused about the directions for making a bobble stitch. I think I’ve figured out how to knit in front and then in back, but then how do I knit in the front again…AND, why do I turn and then purl?

Thanks for your help!

You knit into the front of the stitch, but don’t drop it off the needle. Then knit into the back of the st, keeping it on the needle still. Knit again into the back of the stitch and then slide the whole thing off the needle.

You now have three stitches where one was before. You turn your work around and purl into these stitches to make the bobble bigger.

Hmm… I was having trouble posting… then Ingrid beat me to the punch!

To knit in front, just put the needle in regular, like usual after you knit in the back loop. You’re making 3 stitches in one. When you turn and purl, you’re going back to the beginning of the bobble, so you can decrease those 3 stitches and keep knitting.

Another way to do it is this way:
Knit in front, back and front of the stitch
Slip those three new stitches back to the LH needle, and knit all 3
Slip those 3 stitches back to the LH needle again.
Slip 1 stitch to the R needle,
knit the next 2 sts together, and pass the slipped stitch over (like binding off)
resume knitting normally.