Making a Beanie Hat pattern from a picture?

Hello, this is my first post here and i hope that someone might be able to help me. i have a dear friend who recently lost her favourite Aran Cable Beanie hat. i had the bright idea that i could knit her a replacement but have struggled to find a similar pattern. i have a very good picture of the design from google images and am quite a good knitter from a pattern but have no idea how i would go about making a pattern from a picture. Is it possible or just barmy and i should try to find something similarish to make instead? Or are there people out there with these skills that could help me?
Thanks so much. Yvonne

Somehow accidentally deleted my post or my computer has gone bananas again. Anyhoo… welcome to KH! If you can post a link to the photo of the hat we can help better.

thanks so much, here is a link to a picture of it.

Does it have to be exactly like this? Ravelry has a ton of aran cable hats. Since you know how to knit you can probably find one here and/or maybe combine a few cable methods to get one close.

Well I will have a look at the Ravelry site, thank you for sending me the
link. I do know how to knit but I am not confident at the idea of combining
cable methods though and know through losing something precious to me in the
past that it would be so much nicer if I could somehow make a replica rather
than just another Beanie for her.
I¹ll take a look though thanks.