Making a beanie for my husband

ya I am making a beanie for my husband. I never made one before. I am not following a pattern but I am knitting in the round. I just want to know if I am doing it right. I have no idea how high to make it. Thank you for your help.


Welcome to KH!
It’s very difficult to tell about size from the photo but it seems to be going well. It may help to look at several similar patterns on Ravelry to get an idea for width and height.

Difficult to tell from the photo but maybe your stitches are twisted? It might be the yarn that is giving that appearance. Just to be sure, take a look at this video.

Enjoy finishing up the hat!

Here’s a hat calculator that might help, too. It gives a start in figuring out how many to cast on for your yarn gauge and how many inches to knit before decreasing, etc.


**I’ve free formed hats/caps in the round before. I put the hat on my head, too to help assist in sizing…real easy to do when crocheting, also.

I measure from below the ear to where the crowning of the hat/cap starts…six inches, perhaps…and that’s where I’d start decreasing. You’ll run out of room on that circular needle when decreasing…you’ll see. Google for a U-tube on how work with DPN/s (double pointed needles) when decreasing a hat (bottom to top)? It’s easier to learn on them when knitting stitches off than to set them up in the first place; IMHO.

I’ve taken a hat off circulars in my days and finished it with a crochet hook…it turned out very nice, too.

Also, you could put a square cap on a round head…should you not want to decrease…Knit to 8 inches of so. Measure your friend’s head center top to below the ear. Then take the stitches off with a yarn needle and good expanse of yarn…draw it up. No decreasing necessary. Court Jester effect.

I don’t see a ribbing there to start…bottom up…let’s say the hat is to large…I’ve taken an expanse of yarn on a needle and did tuck stitches around the brim to tighten it up…with a crochet hook, too. More of a problem if the hat is made too small for the head…teen size, therefore…? Any youngin’s in the family? Don’t frog it.

All these things go into the bag of knitting bones to build your skeletal knitting know how. Repeat: Don’t frog it. Look at it for a few weeks…study what you have…more solutions may appear… continue asking for help.