Making a baby vest and had a question

So I’m making/creating my own pattern for a baby vest.

I am stuck on this one part, which is the very last decrease part.

my question is: What decrease matches “make 1 towards” perfectly?

The reason why I’m asking is because on the opposite side I k1, m1t, k1, and then m1t.

I need a way to match this. I tried k1, t2tog, k1, then k2tog, and because it’s on the rs, you can see where I decreased and I don’t like the way it looks.

Thank you

According to the videos in the video section M1A matches perfectly. There are lots of them though that you could experiment with.

M1A is also an increase, I need a decrease.

I thought you needed a matching increase since M1T is an increase. I’m not sure if any decrease will match perfectly. Is M1T right or left leaning?

There’s only a couple ways to decrease and they don’t match increases very well. The KLL/KRL increases can look okay with k2tog or ssk decreases, though not perfect. I think the short answer is - there isn’t.

Okay. Huh? M1t, M1A, KLL, KRL? This sounds like Greek to me. I have no idea what these mean. I did stop knitting for about 20 years and come back to it. Either things have really changed, life has passed me by, or I’m getting old.

:teehee: Go to the videos and look at the increases and decreases.

Thank you guys, but I figured it out by trial and error. It matched pretty well too! :cheering:

Don’t keep us in suspense. :teehee: Which one worked for you?

hahaha I just BO 2 stitches every RS. It worked out pretty well there weren’t any weird stitches up close like there were with the other decreases.