Making 1st garment, help please

Hello, I’m thinking about making the Gracefully Gathered Haltertop from [I]Knitting Lingerie Style[/I] for my first garment, but had a few questions regarding the instructions.

While working on the body or the front, the directions will say to increase 1 stitch on each side of a marker or to decrease 1, but it doesn’t say which form of increase or decrease to use. Is there a standard inc/dec you use in this case?

For the front it also says to dec 1 st at each end of the needle once…I don’t really understand what that means.

Sorry if the answers to this are obvious, but any help would be greatly appreciated!

Some people prefer to match the increases, like a M1R and M1L, same for decs - ssk at the beginning of the row, k2tog at the end. It’s up to your preference. You might make a sampler of the increases and decreases and decide which would look better.

Dec at each end of the needle just means to dec at each end of the row. You can put them 1 st in if you prefer, doesn’t have to be in the very edge stitch.

Thanks Sue-
Does my choice in the increases matter depending on which side of the garment I’m on? If I decided to do a M1R the first time it told me to just “inc 1”, would I only do M1R from then on? Or M1L the next?

I’ve only done yo’s for inc, never done dec or other inc’s yet so I’m still a bit slow on the uptake of how to work them for garments.

M1R/L lean in different directions. So all the ones on the right edge would lean left, all the incs on the left edge lean right.