Making 1

I was sitting here knitting this morning and up popped this question in my mind. I didn’t need the answer for the project, it just came to me for future reference. When you have a pattern that calls for make 1 and it doesn’t tell you which direction, which is the one you should do?


If it’s on a knit row, I M1 knit–pick up the yarn from front to back and knit into the back loop.

If it’s on a purl row, I M1 purl–oick up the yarn from back to front and purl into the front loop.

That make so much sense that it is SCARY!!!

there are LOTS of ways to increase… (and make 1 is a generic increase)

some increases (like YO’s) are very visible

some increases (like a lifted or raised increase) are much less conspicous.

you can use the easiest one for you, (or use the pattern as a learning experience and learn a new Make 1, and practice it, again and again.

the most important thing is: PICK a STYLE and stick with it --for the entire pattern!

make the pattern again and PICK A DIFFERENT STYLE–and see what a difference a different choice of MAKE 1 can make!

any good knitting reference book will illustrate 3 or 4 (there are about 6 to 8!) ways to increase.

You might find there is one particular style you like more than others… you can always use it, (and use your style instead of the suggested one in a pattern)

Thanks everyone. I actually didn’t know you could substitute an increase. I actually like the knit in front and in back style. Yarnover so much of the time for me leaves a hole that I don’t like to use it.

I just noticed that you can make one forward and make one back depending on how you want the pattern to “lean” so to speak but I didn’t know if it mattered if you were told specifically to knit in front of or back of.

Again, thanks everyone for your input!


i like yo’s for a quick and easy increase (depending on what i am making), but i knit into the back of them to close the hole up a little more…