Make your own avatar

Thanks for the tip Norman. :thumbsup:

Silver, thanks for helping me find a way to waste my morning :oops: No, it was fun playing around with that.

Time to get some work done! :rollseyes:

No worries… :slight_smile:
I love helping people out

:roflhard: I used the second avatar maker listed where you pick each piece, but don’t see a finished picture to the end. This is what I came up with:

:lol: The funny part is that none of my co-workers protested that of course that doesn’t look like me :wink: !! hehe

OK…It says it can only be 6 KB to be used as an avatar. How do I reduce this? ( I am using Paint Shop Pro)

i gave up ever trying to make that happen…i could never get anything resized enough. i opened a free account at and linked it from there. it allows pretty much any size it seems as long as you link it.

yes the BB Software imposes a limit (6 k or 80kb) due to server limitations… but if you link, more times than not, they allow larger sizes as they don’t have to host the picture :slight_smile:

She has a good idea… photobucket is a good place to open an account… course any free hosting service would work that allows hotlinking :slight_smile:

Purlygyrl, I love your avatar, and the two-toned background. :thumbsup:

1to1, love yours too!

Silver, you’ve definitely started a trend here!

These are great! I’m glad I posted the link too. So much fun seeing you all make avatars! :slight_smile:

BTW, if anyone needs an avatar reduced, just post it here as an image and myself or someone else will surely reduce it for you! :thumbsup:

Love yours, Holly! :lol: How did you get the body in there?

Thank you, Silver. I just can not figure this out. Now let’s see if this computer idiot can attach the image.

here ya go

Turns out my Print Screen key at home is BROKEN! It worked just fine here at work…whaddaya think of my likeness??

Thanks Norman! It seems like it is working now!

Kelly, Your’s looks great!

That’s GREAT Kelly!!!
Did you want it reduced?

Kelly, that’s awesome!!

But don’t change your avatar Kelly! You’re GORGEOUS in person. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your real pic. :pray:


I think I just wanna change it for a little while…

whines Can youuuu doooo it for meeee, Silllllverrrrrr?

Got bored, so I resized it and changed it to a .gif for you.

Well, he beat me to it. :wink:

Sorry I missed this one… was busy chatting away in the chat with foldedbird… tlaking about mixers :slight_smile: