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I found this cool little program where you can make your own avatar. It’s all in german though, but pretty easy to figure out. After you finish it, take a screen shot and paste it into a paint program, then reduce the size to 80x80. :slight_smile:

Click here, then click on “Create your own VIDU”

[B]Updated 8/29/07:
This thread is over 2 years old. The link doesn’t work anymore! [/B]:slight_smile:

No way, this is so cool! :happydance:

Helpful instructions:
“Farbe” lets you change colors for whatever feature you have highlighted, like hair, skin, eyes, shirt, etc.
Start at the top left option (“vidu typen”), and DON’T change that option again, or it will erase what you’ve done! I recommend choosing that type based on face shape and gender. The skin tone, hair, and everything else can be changed dramatically from there.
Silver, you should move this to the general forum for everyone, folks will get a kick out of it! :thumbsup:[/size]

Moved! :thumbsup:

How do you take a screen snapshot?

Punch your Print Screen key. It’s above the Insert key to the right of your Backspace key. :wink: Then when you open Paint, press Ctr+V to paste. You can edit from there :??

well usually by hitting the print screen key on your keyboard, then paste it into something such as Paint, or if you have a picture editing program, such as photoshop, you could do that too.

Thanks, friends! I had made the cutest AV then realized I didnt know how to save it! :doh:

ITS NOT WORKING!!! [size=2]KellyK throws fit[/size]

It didn’t work for me either Kelly…And I have to start over now…Some how I lost it all. :wall:

Cool! I’ve seen this one too:

But the one silver found makes me look much cuter. :wink:

Here’s mine!

Yes, that’s more me. Better than my first attempt (below), which had the wrong face shape, much as I loved her:

Kelly, make sure your not pressing the “print” button, but the “PrtScn” button, and if it’s not working, press “F lock” then press “PrtScn” again. That will copy the whole screen and you can paste it into an imaging program and crop it; you may just think it’s not working because it looks exactly like your screen did.

By the way folks, the thing you want to avoid doing that will erase what you’ve done in this cool avatar program, is clicking the top left option “vidu typen”, which will start you over with another base type. That’s where you should start, and then choose your hair style and color, etc., from there. I recommend choosing the type based on the shape of the face, and gender. You can change skin color and hair color and hair style, eye and mouth shape and color, outfit, etc. But the face shape will stay the same.

hmmm…i couldn’t get my face to lighten that much…need to play with it some more…sleep is overrated anyway! :wink:

:roflhard: <---- throwing another fit

Its just not pasting ANYTHING into Paint…I AM pressing “Print Screen” the button says “Print Screen Sys Rq” What’s “Sys Rq”?? :?? I also tried ctrl+X & ctrl+v. NADA.

OK…I am actually moving forward. I got it into paint, cropped it and saved it.

Next I have NO idea how to use paint. How do I edit it to remove the background? And what do you mean to reduce it to 80X80?

i would guess it is saying system required which is weird…what computer doesn’t already have that…odd.

did you try highlighting the whole screen and try to copy and paste it that way?

Hello all…

Just wanted to chime in… if you wanted to read it in a really bad translated version goto:

In the “Translate WebPage” paste the link above
and Pick German -> English

It’s changes text, not images… and it does it’s best but doesn’t help any… just a thought… no big deal as it seems pretty easy to navigate… however I can’t get into it… it just times out for me :slight_smile:


Translation/instructions for the avatar creator

How to take a screenshot

Modifying an image in MS Paint (This is a .pdf file.)

BIG THUMBS UP :thumbsup: to Silver for the link. YOU ROCK! I actually made my first avatar using the link. FABULOUS! Now I have a cute little picture of “me.” The last time I had any good photos of me taken was in High School (20+ years ago :oops: ) and I AM NOT using that one! :shock:

Happy Knitting!
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Okay, I have my avatar made but it is too big. What now?

Take it into a image editing program, such as Gimp, Photoshop, Paintshop and size it to 80 wide, this should make it good enough