Make this pattern without bobbles?

Hello friends!

My daughter really wants this pattern, but I am working two jobs and just don’t have the time or the hand strength left to get this done in time. I was wondering if I might just use some form of stitch to give it texture, such as a seed stitch? Any recommendations?

Many thanks!

Just Me!

That’s cute! I think seed stitch would work. Because the bobbles are bigger than seed stitch you could do it with more of a moss stitch which I think uses two stitches of each. Same as seed, but with two.

Two rows or two stitches?

As we now know that it’s a girl I’m going to do the stripes in Navy (their color choice for decorating) and raspberry if I can find one in a 3 weight that is animal-free. Many thanks!


That is adorable!

Moss stitch: two rows. So for working flat, you’d do:
RS: k1,p1
WS: k1, p1 (knit the knits, purl the purls)
RS: p1, k1
WS: p1, k1 (knit the knits, purl the purls)

Moss stitch will give larger “bumps” to your texture with the stacked sets of two stitches, so might be more what you want to mimic the bobbles.

Thanks! Fingers crossed I can find a soft navy yarn and a soft raspberry (I’ve ordered one skein of Mary Maxim that supposedly is soft…) I might even get to start this weekend (after I grade, literally 70+ ESL essays lol)!


Update: In trying a swatch, the moss stitch didn’t stick out enough against the garter stitch background, but I have discovered a stitch called the [U][B]raspberry stitch[/B][/U], which I will try later tonight (if I get all my teaching work done!!) It is soooo much easier than bobbles, just increasing and decreasing, I’m really hoping it will work!

Thanks again!


Sounds good! Can’t wait to see it!