Make the puppy sleep!

So we got a great pup (boxer mix) from the shelter a few months ago and you were all great about telling me all the reason to crate train her…we are doing great with that and she is in the crate while we are at work. The problem is one very grumpy husband b/c she likes to get up early for a walk and she does not know the difference btwn weekdays and weekends.

I need suggestions on how to “teach” her to sleep (or at least be quiet) until one of us gets up and is ready to walk or pay attention to her…quick b/c the hubby is too grumpy to make rational decisions about this anymore.

thank you

well, you’ve probably already “trained” him that it’s ok to get up early and that you’ll take care of him early in the morning. you have to begin by changing this - it’s tough love and will be rough for a bit, but it will pay off in the long run.

things to help the puppy have a better night’s sleep (and maybe a longer one too) - put an old fashioned alarm clock wrapped in a blanket in the crate with him. this mimics his mom’s heartbeat. or drap a blanket over the crate until you get up in the morning.

We had a similar problem with one of our Dobermans. We had “trained” her to demand her breakfast as soon as we woke up. The pattern had been to feed the dogs, then get in the shower, etc. She soon figured out that if she made a racket and woke us up early, she would get her breakfast early. We “de-trained” her by gradually lengthening the time between getting out of bed and feeding her.

I would highly recommend that you read “Don’t Shoot the Dog”. It explains all the things that we do, even when we don’t realize it, that trains the people and animals around us to do certain behaviors. I read it when I was training and showing dogs competitively (in obedience). While the book helped my showing, it REALLY helped my marriage.

GOOD LUCK!!:cheering::cheering:

Barnes and Noble is holding a copy of Don’t Shoot the Dog for me to pick-up on my way home. The wonderful woman we are taking dog lessons from said she will be fine in the crate over night, or just put her in when she gets up too early. She echoed the suggestion to cover the crate if she gets too noisy.

She also suggested that we need to get her out of the crate during the day and give her a room so that she can have more space and things to stimulate her.

This is a picture of my spoiled baby

aw- our dogs are crated overnite- and they don’t know Saturday from Tuesday- LOL- they are early risers every day! but they are good dogs and they will bark a minute to see if we will get up right away, but if we don’t, they settle back down. (Usually I have to get up to use the facilities fairly early anwyas, so they get to go out.)

when our dogs were puppies we had a trainer come to the house 2 or 3 times to help us with obedience training. Honestly, it was more about training us to do the right things. it was worth every penny.

good luck!!!

I guess you don’t have a backyard? I started putting my dogs outside for the extra hour or two in the mornings…just to get me over the hump.

One other thing I did with Pele (second dog that we got in January) was to bring him into my room after he woke up. He would go back to sleep for another hour or so. Of course, now he sleeps with me the whole night…:teehee:

She’s beautiful. What a sweet face!

I don’t know where she sleeps right now but when I was having this same problem with my dog our trainer suggested letting him sleep in my room. He had been sleeping downstairs in his crate. He quickly adapted to my sleeping schedule. On weekends he has no problem sleeping or at least staying quite until I wake up and get going. They can quickly learn the differences in a sleeping person and an awake one if given the opportunity!

The spoiled darling is sleeping in our room, she has a huge LLBean bed and she is also allowed on our bed. All things considered she is doing better…there were a few nights she was up every hour !

I called our obedience trainer and her suggestion was to try having her sleep in the crate - next to our bed - for a week. She will learn not to stir until I stir b/c whining will not get her let out of crate. Now, though we try to ignore her, she inevitably gets attention b/c she nips your nose or sits on you. When that fails she goes and wakes up the other dog.

I have a big yard to let the dogs run, but it is not fenced in. I live in the country and am surrounded by woods and the yard is not conducive to fencing with where the house sits in relationship to garden, shed etc. When we buy our next house and plan to stay there for 10yrs, I will fence the yard at whatever the cost.

A few months ago, I bought a wireless pet containment system because my dd’s dog was digging his way under the fence. I think it would be perfect for you. It comes with a box that transmits the signal to the collar. You decide how big or small the perimeter is, up to 90’. It’s portable too, so you can take it with you if you buy a different house or if you go visit someone. Plus, you have no wires to bury as with traditional systems.