Make smaller

I am going to be knitting a beanie hat and the pattern says cast on 66 but I want to make it smaller, how do I do it so it goes with the pattern?

Who is the hat for… baby, child or adult? Is it a plain stockinette stitch hat or does it have a pattern to it? Are you knitting in the round or flat? With simple stockinette you can usually just cast on less stitches, but if there is any pattern or ribbing it often needs to be different.

We can help you better if we know the answers to these questions. And if you have a link to the pattern please add that, too. The more info you can give the better it is. :thumbsup:

i am knitting in the round, it is for an adult. I only want to make it a little smaller.

Theoretically, you need to figure out the repeat of your pattern (how many stitches wide) and then decrease that many stitches.

Practically, that may make your hat way too small, depending on how wide the pattern is. You also have to consider where the decreases will go, etc. That’s why we can help you more if we know what your pattern is.

66 is really pretty small for an adult hat… I usually cast on about 72-80. This can vary depending on whether the yarn is bulky or not.

If you are knitting in the round on a 16 in circular you will most likely need to use another method for that few stitches. Maybe Magic Loop or 2 circular needles. If you are using a bulky yarn then it might work though.

Here are some links that might help.

And a few patterns for comparison for what you’re doing.

Can you just follow the pattern, but go down a size or two in your needles?

Unless you’re using really big needles 66 is way too small for an adult sized hat.

As for your question, you have to do the math based on the repeats. If it’s a 4 stitch repeat you’ll want to cast on a multiple of 4, 6 stitch repeat, a multiple of 6, etc.

If there isn’t a repeat just calculate the number of stitches based on gauge and desired circumference.

i am using a big circular needle and thick yarn. So I guess I will try smaller needles

If the yarn is too thick for the needles, it may come out very stiff.