Make one

I’m making a hat from the top down, just for the fun of it, on double points. I’ve been trying to use the make one increase. Its been hard to get hold of the yarn to do the M1 however. the situation is still very cramped at the top of the hat. Is there any reason I can not just grab it with a cro-hook and put it on the left needle then knit on? If I do should I be carefull of the way I “twist” it? :thinking:


I guess I should say Make one frount, to use the terms amy has…GO AMY YOU ROCK.

I don’t see anything wrong w/ using a hook to catch the strand. But you do have to be mindful not to twist the st though. :wink: You could even use a cable needle or a spare straight to pick up the strand and knit the st from there. Just a thought… :wink: