Make one?

Which “make one” would you use if the pattern says:?

m1=makeone, using backward loop


I would do the regular M1 where you pick up the bar and knit into the back of it. The backward loop is more noticeable.

Do you mean the “backward loop” is more noticeable in the finished article?
Thank you for the help!
P.S. which would be a better M1 to use?

If it’s a decrease on the left side I would use M1T; if it’s on the right I would use M1A. I don’t think it’s M1R or M1L, because if it is the pattern would have indicated. The pattern I used, for instance, calls it KSP.

It’s an increase. I’d use M1A–assuming that’s the one where you knit into the back of the loop on the bar. I haven’t watched all the videos.:shifty:

Oops sorry, yeah, it’s an increase :smiley:

:wink: And yes, it’s less noticeable in the finished product.