Make one?

I am working on a poncho pattern and the pattern reads:

Body: St st Band: Rnd 1: M1k, k37, M1k, place marker, k2, place marker, M1k, k37, M1k, place marker, k2 – 82 sts.

It doesn’t specify how to M1k. Can anyone please tell me how I do this or point me to the correct video? There are so many increases that I don’t know which one to use.



p.s. the pattern URL is

Actually, there’s a link to their stitch glossary right on the page.
Here’s the link

It says this for M1k
M1k-Pickup horizontal strand between st just worked and next st, place on LH needle, k this st (inc 1).

Thank you thank you… I can’t understand how I didn’t see this… derp :slight_smile: