Make one? How?

:?? Hello, I need help !! How do you “make one” on a cast on edge? My pattern ( for baby booties) says to cast on 28 stitches and then the very next line of instructions says," K2,M1,k10,[m1,k1] 4 times, k10,M1, k2. How do you make one when there is no transverse yarn to make one with? I tried to do it with the cast on stitch but is just doesn’t work. Am I missing something? :rofl: PLEASE HELP!! Thanks!!

Because I stink at explaining things here is the link to the video.

Ok I can’t get the URL of the video itself, go here
and do a search for “M1” and do the M1F

Thanks Darcy, but this doesn’t address my problem. The M1F on the video is how I normally would make one but when I try it on a cast on edge, there is no yarn in between to make one with. Anyone else have a suggestion? Thanks.

I’ve been known to substitute kfb for m1 when I need to make a stitch. It doesn’t seem to have destroyed my knitting too much. :teehee:

You can use kfb/bar increase, do a backwards loop or a yo which you knit through the back loop on the next row.


Oh I’m so sorry I didn’t read properly.

I hope someone answers soon. I just knit through the back loop and the
front loop to make an extra stitch but that may not be the proper way to do it.

Thanks to everyone for the input! I’ll try your suggestions and see what happens… :x:

I use EZ’s way: Make a firm backward loop on the right needle. It’s a lot easier if you knit Continental.

I’ve seen this question before with regard to a bootie–maybe it’s the same one?

You could do an intitial row before the M1, or just do a regular increase on that row.

Ingrid, thanks for your comments…the baby bootie pattern is from the new book, Never to Old to Knit. I thank you for your help and thanks also to Contiknitter. It is so nice to have somewhere to go when you have an issue or question. This board has been a big blessing on more than one occasion. Until next time…