Make one front

how do you make one front for the first stitch (along the edge)?

I’m making the Cable Luxe Tunic and it says to increase the first and last sts. I looked at the increases webpage to find what to use and was going to try m1f and m1b because it’s pretty invisible but then realized there is no “bar” between sts. But with the photo on the site, i thought it was a picture of that particular increase, but maybe not … should i just use k1f&b?

You can put the increase between the edge st and the one next to it. Making an inc at the edge doesn’t mean it has to be in the very edge st, just at the beginning or end of the row. So do the m1f between the 2 sts.

The instructions say, “Inc 1 st in first st” and I read in a post further down you say that if it says ‘increase [B]in[/B] a stitch’ to use kfb, so I’ve been using actually pf&b since its the purl side. Probably should have looked more before posting, but thanks anyway.

Ah yes, IN a stitch is a k/pfb, so you’re right on that one.