Make one; 12 becomes 21 or 18?


The pattern for the hat I would like to make says; CO12 st. distribute over 3 dpns

k one round

next round: k1, m1, repeat around- 18 stitches total

I think this makes 21, not 18, but every pattern in the book says this makes 18, does someone have a solution for me? (Each needle has four stitches; between each k1 you m1, this adds 3 st per needle, so 9 at the end of a round; which equals 21 altogether, right?)

Thank you for answering, I am desperate!

Hmm, if you have CO12 and K1, M1 all the way around, I’d think that you would end up with 24sts? :shrug:

K1 M1 K1 M1 K1 M1 K1 M1 K1 M1 K1 M1 K1 M1 K1 M1 K1 M1 K1 M1 K1 M1 K1 M1


I get 24 as a count also, since for every st you’re increasing 1, so in effect doubling your original 12. The only way I can see getting 18 is if it’s supposed to be K2, M1 around the round, or K1, P1, M1, or something similar.

Maknitter2 - when you’re counting between each knit and got 21, I think you forgot to include the M1 between the knit st at each end of the needles. That would be 3 more and would give you 24.

I wonder if you’re supposed to k1, m1, k2, m1, k1 on each needle.

What’s the next direction after you get to 18?

Or, another thought - maybe it meant to say K1, kfb around?? That would give you 18 stitches.

By jove, you might have it… kfb is a type of M1 after all :shrug:

Thank you all for responding!!! It feels so warm and fuzzy not to be trying to figure this out alone; well, alone with my husband and children, which is even more complicated.

You know, the description in the book (Hip Knit Hats) does sound more like kfb than m1, but what they call it is m1. I think you may be right. As to the 24st, I had decided to skip the ones between needles in order to reduce it a bit; silly, I know, but the 21 were already making me anxious!

Thanks again, I will start over and try it with kfb.

That’s what I would think too.


It’s a poor description though – M1 is not the same as kfb which is why it’s so confusing.

Yeah, if they wanted to simplify it, they coulda said inc instead of M1. Though sinces there’s about 5 ways to increase thatt’s not much clearer…