Make knot stich?

I am trying to make the Diagonal Knot stich scarf from this blog. The pattern seems to be pretty simple overall but I just cannot get the “knot” stich.

This is the pattern stich below:
Make Knot: Purl 3 stichers together, do not slide them off needle. Yarn over, then purl the same three stiches together, slide all three off the needle.

The way I tried doing this is by purling 3 tog, did not slide the purl off the stich but did a YO by pulling the yarn between both needles and pulling it through and purling those same 3 with yarn through the front again.
This results in less stiches than were originally CO (22).
What am I doing wrong?

Thanks sooo much who can ever help

That sounds like you did it right. Purling them, yo, and purl again is 3 sts which offsets the p3tog. What’s the entire row, maybe you’re missing something there…

There are repeats in the pattern but the pattern is basically this stich.
1st row is Knit, 2nd is Knot Stich until last stich where you purl. Then repeats of similarity.

I think I’m doing the YO incorrectly. When you YO a purl, do you wrap it around 2 times between the needles or only once (what I’m doing)?

Thanks so much. I really, really want to make this.

Wrap it only once. Purl into the 3, take the yarn over the needle, then back under to the front and purl again.