Make Knitting #1 Past Time on CNN poll!

Knitting is a choice on this CNN poll about what people do in their leisure time. It is not on the top 10 … YET ! Cast (he he) your vote!

interesting- I had nothing in common with the average top 10… I always knew I was a little off!!!

:shifty: i did!

I voted for knitting as #1 and reading #2 and watching TV #3. It was hard to find a 5-10!!!

I cast my vote. Go knitting, go! :cheering:

Knitting, Taking Classes and Travel are the three that I did not match … but my choices were not in the same order ! 5 - 10 were hard for me too, who has THAT much time :slight_smile:

:eyes:are we addicted to knit uhh well YEA!!!
what a dumb question :poke:
:roflhard: :out: gone knitting :x::waving:

OK…:tap: who has enough time to do all 10 isn’t knitting enough, lol

knit, read & tv… the rest… hmmmmm back to knit,lol

how many times can we vote?

I added mine. Knitting first of course.

I voted for mine…
Gardening (I don’t really grow anything but love to just go outside and set in my swing so it was the closest to that)
and then I just guessed :rofling:

I voted too. Knitting and computer where 1 and 2 and then sleeping.

I voted twice:teehee:


HA! Your experience was the same as mine–my top 3 are just like yours. The others I chose were rather randomly ordered :rofl:

I put knitting, reading, blogging, surfing the Web and hanging with my “group.” (We call it Family 2.0). Beyond that, I had a hard time coming up with anything.

Funnnnny. I VOTED TOO! (but not twice)

I just voted. Knitting, trying new class, travel. With all of us voting, you would think Knitting would be in the top 10 now. Whatsup with that.:shrug: We need more votes:out:Get over there and VOTE!!!:roflhard: