Make a twisted loop

I’m trying to knit a big flower to go on my Flora Neckwarmer from not sure what issue it was and still don’t know how to link stuff! (Those of you wondering, it’s coming into autumn in Tassie so we’re getting chilly)
I’ve got the written instructions but cannot make it work, my twisted cord just keeps unravelling and I cannot see how I’m increasing, the instrucions go like so

after row one i have 29 stitches
row 2: k1 work twisted loop to last stitch, k1, 57 stitches

the instructions for twisted loop are
Bring yarn to front of work, catch yarn with one finger of right hand, bring yarn to back of work, creating a loop approx 3 in long. Using left hand hold base of loop in place against right needle. Use finger holding loop to twist loop in one direction until loop is so twisted that it starts to kink and twist back on itself. Slip top of loop from finger onto tip of right needle. Tug slightly on doubled loop to straighten it, it will twist around itseld to form a short cord.
1 stitch increased

tried to find a video but no luck,
can anyone help please???

help help, want to be back at the top, figure some of you lot must be getting up around now!!! is that allowed

Yeah we’re up now :wink: Did you try following the instructions or did you not understand them? I think there may be a similar video in under Decorative Stitches for Loop stitch though you’d need to twist yours.

thanks so much, i’ll give that a try!!