Make a chart

I’d like to try to make my own pattern using a chart, but I’m wondering how to do it. I’ve tried using the knitPro software, but it has too many shadows and shade variations–I need something “cleaner”.

So say for example (to make things easy) I wanted to knit a smiley face onto a knitted project. Can I just take some graph paper and sketch out the smiley face, then go back and fill in entire squares of where my stitches would be? How could I do this? :shrug:

I dont’ see why you couldn’t do that. The only problem is that other than garter stitches the stitches aren’t square so regular graph paper won’t work as well…your pattern will be off a bit.

Graph paper maker

As for a cleaner look…if you have graphics software you might be able to clean it up, but I don’t know.


The site Jan posted gives you paper the right gauge, and then you just color in the pattern as you like it–one stitch per box.

Try KnitPro.
i made a bumble bee chart (i havent used it yet though :oo: ). i had the same problem. what i ended up doing was saving the chart as a GIF/JPG file. Then i opened it up in windows Paint (though any photo program would work). Next i simply used the paint bucket fill tool to fill in the rectangles i didnt want in the pattern, and darkened the others. …
here is my chart i made
hope that helps! :thumbsup:

:?? :?? This is the second post regarding “graph paper” Someone else mentioned rectangular :shrug: I don’t get it…what does the “paper” have to do with the actual “boxes” that you fill in :??

Graph paper is paper made for drawing graphs. It has horizontal and vertical lines on it making boxes. Knitting charts look similar, with rows and columns of boxes representing rows and columns of stitches. So the boxes are outlined on the paper, you fill them in to plan out which squares will be knitted one way - like black - and which will be worked another way - like white.


on regular graph paper the boxes are squares. when you knit though, a row is taller than a knit is wide. so knitting graph paper has rectangular boxes. if you use regular graph paper your image will get distorted when you knit it (it will look stretched)
does that help clear it up ?

GOTCHA :woohoo: Thanks!!!