Make 1 ?///

Grrrr Please help me.

I am trying to make a pocket linning for a scarf.

Pocket Linning(make 1)

Pat reads cast on 12 sts. work in St st(k on RS, p on WS)for 6 in. end with a WS row. slip on sts onto stitch holder

I am teaching myself and doing okay but can’t understand the make one and how I get started. Do I only increase on knit side or pearl side as well.:

Make 1 (M1) is an increase. Many patterns tell you which one they suggest you use. If not there are lots of increases on the increase video page.

Pocket Linning(make 1)

Since the directions they give for the pocket lining say nothing about a M1(as an increase) anywhere I don’t think they are talking about the increase.

I think they are telling you to make only one pocket lining. Is there only one pocket? Sometimes a pattern says something like “sleeve–make 2”. I could be wrong, but from all the information you give here that is what I think it means. Does this make any sense in your context?

The only reason i am confused is the pattern gives me a stich explanation M1(make 1)…the scarf has two pockets one on each end

Do you have a link to the pattern?

its a lion brand yarn pattern book i bought from michaels i looked on there website and they have every pattern but the one in the book. I have been learning to knit from this web site and it has been very helpful I am just asking because the directions are not clear. thank you

I have also looked at there video on increasing several times and I know how to do them just don’t understand the pattern verbage.

Where in the pattern does it tell you to M1? Is it only where it says “pocket lining-make 1”?

Is is okay to give us a section of the pattern directions as given as long as you don’t give the whole pattern. If we had it in context maybe we could figure it out.

Yes, it says POCKET LINNING(make 1)
There are a couple of other places that use M1 that would be on the shaping the collar. You know it just hit me they are probably giving me the stitch explanation because they want me to use it further into the pattern hu…lol

This is a scarf you are making, right? It has a pocket on each end. Could there be some reason why one pocket needs a lining and the other one doesn’t? Just throwing out possibilities. :eyes:

Does the scarf also have the collar you mentioned or is there more than one thing in the pattern? I know sometimes there are several items that go together and they are all on the same pattern.

You could be right that the M1 is used later. They usually don’t write M1 all the way out as in “make one” except in the explanation at the beginning or wherever.

Yes, it is a pocketed scarf and no I think they are just calling them linning i have already made one end of the scarf where last row has 4 knit st, binded off twelve st. and knitted 4. directions then say to knit linning from stitch holder to what I have already worked. They direct me to k4, M1 when I get to the collar and then once again in another row.

So you are probably right they just mean to make 1 pocket linning sometimes it really helps just to talk it out. I have got into knitting going through cancer treatment and needed something to take my mind of things. So I pick one of the hardest things to derail my brain…crazzzzzyyyyyl

I’m sorry to hear about your cancer. I hope your treatments will take care of it and you’ll be okay.

They direct me to k4, M1 when I get to the collar and then once again in another row.
When they say to M1 using just the letter “M” and the number “1” they probably do mean the inc M1. There are several of them and they have different little things about them that make some better to use in some cases. Some of them lean left or right, sometimes a simple backward loop over the right hand needle will be all you need in certain cases. I use quite a few different ones. The backward loop is one I like in quite a few applications. It doesn’t affect any stitches and is easy to do.

As Jan said if you need help with how to do a M1 you can look at the increase videos. Good luck.

yes it is a scarf… and i think pocket linning as they call it goes on the back side of rs scarf and then I need to sew the pocket in…and the other M1 they are mentioning have to do with the collar on the scarf and one other place they actually use M1 in the pattern. I don’t know what happened to my last reply…anyways thank you very much i love your web site…cheryl

I love packet scarves, and yes, the directions for the pocket can be very confusing. If the direction just says M1, with nothing after it to indicate which stitches you are to use, I would reason to say they mean make one pocket, however, since M1 is usually used to indicated adding a stitch to a row, and is used to direct that in this pattern, it makes it confusing for all involved.

If I were you, I would use the 800 number on the Lion Brand booklet you are using to ask for clarification on the pattern. Lion is usually very good at getting an erratta out as soon as they know about it…

I’m betting that someone working on the writing of the pattern just screwed up, because they get so used to seeing the ‘make 1’ for increases and they thought they needed to give an M1 explanation when instead it was just telling you to make 1 lining.

Keep it up, knitting really IS great therapy!:waving:

Well no; later in the pattern you M1 for an increase. So Make 1 is make one lining, M1 is an increase.

Thank you everyone on this site I knew it was a great site to learn but didn’t know I would get so much help. Just to let everyone know I finished the scarf today after several weeks of ripping and starting over. It is quite a gorgeous thing I didn’t think I would be able to do it. It is my first project with many more to come of course with a little help from my knitting friends…Cheryl from Cali


Can you post a pic of it? I wanna see!!!

I would love to see the scarf now. Congrats on finishing the project and not giving up! :cheering:

Oh yeah I would be happy to I will post it tomorrow. I just got on my favorite web site to see what was new i love this site. Whoever is behind creating it bless them. You know I dont have alot of patients but determination is what got me through. Thank you all again I am sure I will be calling on you all again…Cheryl