Make 1 stitch Purlways?

Hi everyone. I am planning on knitting a small purse called Big Wool Bag from Row 1(RS): knit, Row 2: Purl 1, make 1 stitch purlways (by picking up loop between last and next stitch and purl into the back of this loop)

Im not sure what that means. I looked up M1 on this website but it didn’t seem to match what these instructions say. Any ideas on how to do this? Thanks for your help.

Here’s the pattern for anyone who wants to see it. I see it’s free, but I hate having to register on all these sites. :doh:

Does it give you instructions at the top of the pattern? It usually does if they want something specific.

I know I didn’t want to register either but oh I’m glad I did lol, I got lots of beautiful patterns from there! Okay so I googled make 1 stitch purlways and found a video on youtube that shows a technique that matches the instructions! It was a video by verypinkknits. It is a tricky sort of increase but I think I can get it. Thank you for your help!!

The M1 video shown here is for the knit version; to do a purl, you would lift the yarn and purl into it instead of knit.

Oh yes I read that at the top of the page too, forgot to mention that! Yeah the part of purling into the back confused me but the video shows it pretty good. Thanks again!