Make 1 Right, using pattern 'Olgas Vestedisse (Striksakken)

Just wanted to pick someone’s brains on the subject of M1R.
I understand how to do such a stitch, however the pattern asks that I knit to the end of my round where I have my marker and then M1R.

Is that possible?

Thanks for looking

What is the name of your pattern and designer?
The M1R would pick up the strand between the last stitch of the round and the first stitch of the next round. It might be easier to remove the marker, work the M1R then replace the marker.

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It’s a danish designer, the name of the pattern is Olgas Vestedisse, and the designer is Striksakken.

You are right. I suppose as I am knitting in magic loop I had the break just at the point! I am going to have to arrange the stitches now as it is increasing the piece incrementally so will have to divide the stitches in a clever way!

You’re knitting the collar or yoke using magic loop?

Yes, in the they state to use a circular needle for the collar, but as the length of my fixed circulatr is 80 cm, I did magic loop!

The pattern gives the opportunity to bind off after shoulders and separate panels in order to continue with circular needle as normal…

Magic loop is a good solution. The point where the sts divide can be a problem by itself but adding in a M1 complicates the situation. Moving the sts around just a bit so the BOR is a few sts along the needle will help until you get through the increases.
It’s a very neat, pretty vest.

Thank you , I’ll plough ahead then. And thank you for your encouragement!

Im thinking perhaps too much to do it that way, need it to be as simple as possible!

If I was to order a circular needle of 60 cm rather than the 80 cm I am using would that be better?

I use a 40cm for necks. You might be able to work the neck with a slightly larger circular 60cm especially because of the bulky weight yarn.

Thank you :pray: