Make 1---->holes!?!

I am making mittens with a cable down the front and it calls for numerous make ones. I did exactly what it said to do, make 1! I used a standard make one(take the bar in between stitches with left needle and knit in to the back with right needle). When I was finished I noticed holes on the palm side of the mittens. It look like I messed up but it was all from the make ones. Is it supposed to be like that and I am supposed to sew them up, or am I using the wrong make 1(it does not call for a specific make 1 method).

I wrote a reply to this once, but the computer said the connection had timed out when I tried to post it. Here goes again.

There are two ways to pick up the “bar” you mentioned. If you pick it up from the front knit it tbl, but if you pick it up from the back you will need to knit it in front. You need to twist the stitch as you knit it to close any hole, or there will be one. That could be the problem.

Merigold is right! :thumbsup:

Amy has some good video clips here at KH, that show you how to recognize the difference in those “make 1” increases. And of course, how to do them so there are no holes!