Make 1 holes! WHY?

I have moved on from socks, which allow me to M1 by KFB (my favorite), to gloves which insist I M1L or R. This increase always leaves holes in my work. The stitches slant the correct way, but the work looks like the dogs dinner - is it supposed to? No matter whether I pick up front and knit back or visa versa, I end up with this blight in my work. What in heavens name am I doing wrong?

Are you knitting the picked up stitch so it makes a twist? Or if you knit tight, that can actually leave holes. You could try KLL/KRL as shown on the Increases page, they’re generally considered invisible increases.

Thank you, thank you! Best L/R increase yet - glove is looking great - well, sorta great for the first one. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s a handy indcrease to know, and I prefer it.