Major & really late knitting error


OK… knitted the 13+inches of “garter rib” bodice of my hubby’s sweater before realizing that I failed to knit a row in between each k2,p2 row. …yikes! I’m prepared to take it out; even meticulously created lifelines on both sides of garment. QUESTION(S): Can I take the knitting out from the cast on; and knit DOWN now to bottom? … or… if I choose to leave it, can I block the “pure ribbing” to hang with the rest of the sweater? The pattern is Simon on Ravelry. Thanks!!!


Beautiful sweater. You can knit down from the cast on. I’m not sure of what you’re planning but there is a way to cut the yarn, pick out a row and knit down. Try it out first on a swatch to make sure you like the result. I’ve done this several times on sweaters and sleeves.

I don’t think that blocking will eliminate the stretch of k2p2 rib but it may depend on how tightly you knit and the fiber that you’re using. Again, you can try blocking a swatch but I’m afraid that if the rib blocks out, it’ll need blocking every time you wash the sweater.

My tendency, even with so much knit already is to start again but that’s my personal preference. There’s quite a bit of pattern still to work and for myself, I’d hate to do all the work yet to come to end up dissatisfied.


You are always so very helpful. Thank you! I still consider myself confident beginner; I’m probably more like an intermediate knitter now. I push myself to try new techniques just to get the experience. …always prepared to start all over if I have to! I ended up cutting my knitting and using the lifelines to start the knitting back down. It took an entire day! Stockinette stitch would have been a breeze! Thanks again for your response and advice.


You have the right approach: try something new with each project. It’s not the easiest way but before you know it, you’ve mastered or at least familiarized yourself with a good variety of techniques and patterns.
This is going to be a stunning sweater. I hope we get to see a photo when it’s finished.


So…I “tried the something new”; was pretty successful too, despite meticulously creating the lifeline…a whole day’s work … before cutting the work. The tension just wasn’t the same or didn’t match … whatever it was, it wasn’t “clean” enough to continue, so I started the project over again. I’m really happy I did too! I’m feeling really strong and positive about this sweater the second time around. Thanks again for your sound advice.


It’s all good experience. Tension is one of those things that come with practice. You’ll just keep getting better at an even tension the more you knit. Enjoy knitting this sweater!