Major Help Please

I love this pattern!

i want to make it for myself. I measured above the bust like mentioned in the pattern. I am between a 35-36.

When I first read the pattern it seems like I should knit a large. Then at the bottom of the pattern it gives other measurements. So do I Co 154 for a large…or 147 for a 36 bust. Or am I totally reading this wrong. This would be my first tank pattern for me. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me in this pattern.

The lace at the bottom makes it wider there; check the measurement after the lace, in the decreases for the top part.

Like you, I thought I understood it until I read the bottom measurements and number of stitches.:??

36″ bust: Cast on 147 stitches. Decrease to 136 st. decrease row: k8, k2tog, (k11, k2tog) 10 times, k7

But above she states that the above the bust measurement for CO 147 stitches is 32".:think:

I think I would check my gauge and then multiply the stitches per inch that you get by your above bust measurement to see about how many stitches you would need to have around at the end.

Just my take after reading the pattern…but aren’t the numbers/measurements at the bottom related to the straps and how long to make them??

It could be for the straps… The top pattern is only for med and large and after the lace is done, it says:

this part is where you would take your bust measurement and subtract it from the stitches on the needles to figure out how many decreases

So you will decrease to your correct bust measurement times your sts/inch. That will be the sts you knit in stockinette.