Major confusion with neckband finishing

Here is the sweater: image

I got really confused with the neckband, partly because I can’t see what it looks like and it’s not included in her diagrams. Neckband says:

With RS facing, using a spare needle, pick up and knit 28 sts across back neck; knit across garter st edge sts from left front (there were 5 stitches on a holder for each side, and I HATE that method, because it always stretches horribly)
Row 1 (WS) K4, k to last st of garter st edge together with next stitch of back neck (WHAT?? HUH??!!)
Row 2 K5
Repeat rows 1 and 2 until all the back neck sts have been worked.

Join rem 5 sts to garter st edge of right front using 3-needle bind off.
I can’t picture this, there is no diagram, I am lost. I love this pattern but I am thinking of redoing it with an add on border. Can anybody help? Thanks so much!!

I can’t help with the pattern but wanted suggest ravelry for photos as there are lots showing this kimono not being worn so the neck band is easy to see.

I’m sure you will get some great help in working out the confusing neckband instructions.


It looks like you’ve been knitting the button bands at the same time as the fronts. The only place the doesn’t have a neckband is the back of the neck. Pick up the 28sts and then knit across the 5 held sts of the left band (left as you would wear the sweater).
Now turn and knit back across the last 4sts, k2tog. You will be knitting the border sts of the back and joining the border to the picked up sts each time you work a row 1. For row 2, k5.
This is like this video for adding a border to a knit piece. The red sts are like your picked up sts. The black sts are your button band. (You don’t have to cast on these sts, they’ve been on hold for you.) Your pattern doesn’t have you slip a stitch so follow your pattern here.

This is a rough diagram. You’ll be knitting in the direction of the straight arrow, incorporating one stitch of the 28 every time you work a row 1.

Thanks for the link, Creations.



I’m only seeing 5 pictures there. What am I missing?
Thanks for your help!

AH SO! I think the light bulb might be coming on!!! Thanks so much for your help!!

Sorry there should be more than 5 pics available on the link. 70 people have made this project and uploaded photos, many photos showing the neck band.

Salmonmacs description is lovely and clear though so I think you are back on track now.