Maja Shawl on Knitty

Has anyone attempted this shawl? I want to make one for my godmother who taught me how to knit but I’m intimidated. It seems like it might go pretty fast if you can keep the pattern straight.

I haven’t tried it, but there are a lot of people here who can help you if you get stuck. Is there a particular aspect of the pattern that has you intimidated?

I have started it and have found it pretty simple. The pattern is a very easy repeat, all knit, no purl, a few yarn overs. The most difficult part I’ve found is keeping track of the amount of stitches because it adds up fairly quickly but this is my first shawl and I tend to suck at counting apparently. I have fixed this by counting my stitches on the 7th row of the pattern just to make sure I have the right number to make the X’s. It adds time but saves it in not having to frog.

Also, its really fun to see how it looks with each repeat!

Good luck… let me know how it goes (I’ve had to take a break at about 6 repeats 'cause I ran out of yarn:( )

Just what I needed to hear! Her birthday is in June so I’d better get on it :wink: