Maize fingerless mitts.....

I still challenge myself to new projects but need some help today. Somehow I seem to be messing up with what I read all over is supposed to be a very easy fingerless mittMitts with highlight Gusset Pattern with highlight pattern. I am trying to make the adult size so that’s a cast on of 40 sts. I’m working this on Magic Loop and so happy with how I’m doing that way… HOWEVER, I cannot make sense out of what happened to my project! I am trying to build the thumb gusset section but the pattern doesn’t make sense to me. Before beginning gusset, I only had four sts before the marker. The pattern (see yellow) starts out in Round 1 with directions that don’t fit my four sts on my needle. So I just moved my marker and “voila” I ended up with a count 26 sts between the BOR and marker (instead of the 12) and a total of 54 sts instead of the 52. Clearly I am reading the pattern wrong? Feeling blue about not getting this right!! Thanks friends for any help!

I’m not sure what you mean by the directions not fitting the 4 sts on your needle in round one. How are you working the increases, as a Make 1 between 2 sts?

You have 4sts between the markers, p1, k3. Round 1 increases the stitch number to 6, p1, k1, M1, k1, M1, k1. There are 5 repeats of rounds 3&4, with each repeat of round 3 adding 2 more sts for a total of 16sts between the markers (52sts in all).

Thank you for helping. I know what I did wrong now! I was using a “knit front, twist then knit back” for my M1 but then I continued to count the K1 separately - thus adding in stitches for each round! Yikes! My bad! I should have just stuck with that other type of M1 where you pull up the center loop.

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Sometimes the pattern recommendation is good or at least safe one to go with.
(You could use a kfb but you would have to take the fact that you’re working into a stitch into account in order to make the numbers turn out correctly.)