Maintaining tension

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Is there different ways to maintain tension in the yarm to keep even edges? Is one way easier than another…what is the best or easiest way?
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Really, what it takes most is practise. Some prefer to knit continental style, some prefer english, some have their own method, but you need to find what work for you. It can take a while to figure out what gives you the most even tension. And as far as edges, those will always be a bit different than the rest of your knitting because they are only attached to another stitch on one side.

I agree. Give it time and practice. Just keep knitting. It will come, Grasshopper. :wink:

You can get a more smooth edge by slipping the first stitch in each row without knitting it, but if you are in the middle of the project, it will change the look mid stream.

I just checked out Knitting in Plain English from the library (great book) and the author (Maggie Righetti) suggests making the first stitch of every row a little tighter (just give a little tug after you make the stitch). I gave it a try yesterday, and it actually did seem to reduce the looseness of my edge stitches quite a bit! :thumbsup:

This link:

has some tips for maintaining overall tension (not just the edges). I don’t do a daily exercise (maybe I should!), but reading the article definitely helped me to recognize what was causing my tension to be so erratic.

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